The Momentum Group - Mark Manuel Copyright Notice

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Copyright Notice: All rights reserved re common-law copyright of trade-name/trade-mark, MARK SHANNON MANUEL©-as well as any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said trade-name/trade-mark - Common Law Copyright © 1986 by MARK SHANNON MANUEL©. Said common-law trade-name/trade-mark, MARK SHANNON MANUEL©, may neither be used, nor reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, nor in any manner whatsoever, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment of MARK SHANNON MANUEL© as signified by the red-ink signature of MARK SHANNON MANUEL©, hereinafter "Secured Party." With the intent of being contractually bound, any juristic person, as well as the agent of said juristic person, consents and agrees by this Copyright Notice that neither said juristic person, nor the agent of said juristic person, shall display, nor otherwise use in any manner, the common-law trade-name/trade-mark MARK SHANNON MANUEL©, nor the common-law copyright described herein, nor any derivative of, nor any variation in the spelling of MARK SHANNON MANUEL© without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment of Secured Party, as signified by Secured Party's signature in red ink.

Secured Party neither grants, nor implies, nor otherwise gives consent for any unauthorized use of MARK SHANNON MANUEL©, and all such unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Secured Party is not now, nor has Secured Party ever been, an accommodation party, nor a surety, for the purported debtor, i.e. "MARK SHANNON MANUEL," in Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement No. 09018770 dated the Twenty-Seventh Day of the Fourth Month in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine, registered in Williamson County, State of Tennessee, BK/PG: 4802/99-105, against any and all claims, legal actions, orders, warrants, judgments, demands, liabilities, losses, depositions, summonses, lawsuits, costs, fines, liens, levies, penalties, damages, interests, and expenses whatsoever, both absolute and contingent, as are due and as might become due, now existing and as might hereafter arise, and as might be suffered by, imposed on, and incurred by Debtor for any and every reason, purpose, and cause whatsoever.

Self-executing Contract/Security Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use: By this Copyright Notice, both the juristic person and the agent of said juristic person, hereinafter jointly and severally "User," consent and agree that any use of MARK SHANNON MANUEL© other than authorized use as set forth above constitutes unauthorized use, counterfeiting, of Secured Party's common-law copyrighted property, contractually binds User, renders this Copyright Notice a Security Agreement wherein User is debtor and MARK SHANNON MANUEL© is Secured Party, and signifies that User: (1) grants Secured Party a security interest in all of User's assets, land, and personal property, and all of User's interest in assets, land, and personal property, in the sum certain amount of $500,000.00 per each occurrence of use of the common-law-copyrighted trade-name/trade-mark MARK SHANNON MANUEL©, as well as for each and every occurrence of use of any and all derivatives of, and variations in the spelling of, MARK SHANNON MANUEL, plus costs, plus triple damages; (2) authenticates this Security Agreement wherein User is debtor and MARK SHANNON MANUEL© is Secured Party, and wherein User pledges all of User's assets, land, consumer goods, farm products, inventory, equipment, money, investment property, commercial tort claims, letters of credit, letter-of-credit rights, chattel paper, instruments, deposit accounts, accounts, documents, and general intangibles, and all User's interest in all such foregoing property, now owned and hereafter acquired, now existing and hereafter arising, and wherever located, as collateral for securing User's contractual obligation in favor of Secured Party for User's unauthorized use of Secured Party's common-law-copyrighted property; (3) consents and agrees with Secured Party's filing of a UCC Financing Statement in the UCC filing office, as well as in any county recorder's office, wherein User is debtor and MARK SHANNON MANUEL© is Secured Party; (4) consents and agrees that said UCC Financing Statement described above in paragraph "(3)" is a continuing financing statement, and further consents and agrees with secured Party's filing of any continuation statement necessary for maintaining Secured Party's perfected security interest in all of User's property and interest in property, pledged as collateral in this Security Agreement and described above in paragraph "(2)", until User's contractual obligation theretofore incurred has been fully satisfied; (5) consents and agrees with Secured Party's filing of any UCC Financing Statement, as described above in paragraphs "(3)" and "(4)," as well as the filing of any Security Agreement, as described above in paragraph "(2)," in the UCC filing office, as well as in any county recorder's office; (6) consents and agrees that any and all such filings described in paragraphs "(4)" and "(5)" above are not, and may not be considered, bogus, and that User will not claim that any such filing is bogus; (7) waives all defenses; and (8) appoints Secured Party as Authorized Representative for User, effective upon User's default re User's contractual obligations in favor of Secured Party as set forth below under "Payment Terms" and "Default Terms," granting Secured Party full authorization and power for engaging in any and all actions on behalf of User including, but not limited by, authentication of a record on behalf of User, as Secured Party, in Secured Party's sole discretion, deems appropriate, and User further consents and agrees that this appointment of Secured Party as Authorized Representative for User, effective upon User's default is irrevocable and coupled with a security interest. User further consents and agrees with all of the following additional terms of Self-executing Contract/Security Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use: Payment Terms: In accordance with fees for unauthorized use of MARK SHANNON MANUEL© as set forth above, User hereby consents and agrees that User shall pay Secured Party all unauthorized-use fees in full within ten (10) days of date Invoice is sent, User shall be deemed in default and: (a) all of User's property and property pledged as collateral by User, as set forth in above in paragraph "(2)," immediately becomes, i.e. is, property of Secured Party; (b) Secured Party is appointed User's Authorized Representative as set forth above in paragraph "(8)"; and (c) User consents and agrees that Secured Party may take possession of, as well as otherwise dispose of in any manner that Secured Party, in Secured Party's sole discretion, deems appropriate, including, but not limited by, sale at auction, at any time following User's default, and without further notice, any and all of User's property and interest, described above in paragraph "(2)," formerly pledged as collateral by User, no property of Secured Party, in respect of this "Self-executing Contract/Security Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use," that Secured Party, again in Secured Party's sole discretion, deems appropriate. Terms for Curing Default: Upon event of default, as set forth above under "Default Terms," irrespective of any and all of User's former property and interest in property, described above in paragraph "(2)." in the possession of, as well as disposed of by, Secured Party, as authorized above under "Default Terms," User may cure User's default only re the remainder of User's said former property and interest property, formerly pledged as collateral that is neither in the possession of, nor otherwise disposed of by, Secured Party within twenty (20) days of date of User's default only by payment in full.

Terms of Strict Foreclosure: User's non-payment in full of all unauthorized-use fees itemized in Invoice within said twenty- (20) day period for curing default as set forth above under "Terms for Curing Default" authorizes Secured Party's immediate non-judicial strict collateral by User, now property of Secured Party, which is not in the possession of, nor otherwise disposed of by, Secured Party upon expiration of said twenty- (20) day default-curing period. Ownership subject to common-law copyright and UCC Financing and Security agreement filed with the UCC filing office.

Record Owner: MARK SHANNON MANUEL©, Autograph Common Law Copyright © 1986. Unauthorized use of "MARK SHANNON MANUEL" incurs same unauthorized-use fees as those associated with MARK SHANNON MANUEL©, as set forth above in paragraph "(1)" under "Self-executing Contract/Security Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use."

Review about: Mark Manuel.


Gilbert, Iowa, United States #1131804

This is highly valuable knowledge! Thank you!


Mark Manuel now clains he is not Mark Manuel?? Greg Manuel is also not Greg Manuel???

They both said this in a law suit brought against them. Next ther best buddy *** man Lance A.

Perry ( AKA Captain BS) will what be an evangelist??? All scumbags!!!


Names are not copyrightable... you're such a nut. You may trademark a name or logo, but then you should really use the term trademark infringement, and you can't impose your own dang fine.


Nice try are a true piece of ***.

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The Momentum Group - Mark Manuel and Lance Perry:the biggest *** artists I know

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please do not trust lance perry or mark manuel in any business dealings, as they are both expert *** artists that by some est. have taken in over 50million and havent given anything back.

they both hide behind church and giving back causes but both are in my opinion working with the devil. before you invest anything with these two check out all of the scams that they have both pulled off. if you are thinking about investing, please get my mothers 100k back first which we have not seen a dollar of! i know personally over 20 investors that have lost money and never saw a dime!

Dont be number 21.

If any kind of FBI or IRS indi is reading this please go do some investigation and look into these two indi. and their companies.

Review about: Con Artists.



I got scamed out of $250,000.00 by *** man Lance Perry AKA (Captain ***) in 2005. Sued this *** in 2010 the chicken *** never showed up in court left it up to his law dog.

I won the law suit Perry owes me over $425,000.oo. He runs like the coward he is from stste to state scaming never pays his bills owes the IRS thousands.

The Momentum Group - Read About Mark Manuel - Franklin, Tn

Cleveland, Ohio 0 comments

Mark Manuel and his entire family has a long track record of ripping of people in the name of Jesus. Most people he has hurt are Christians and not willing to pursue this in court. Thank God Jerry and Deborah Smith have had the courage to stand up to the Manuels and file charges against him and his corrupt family. Read the court documents filed in Tennessee rearding this case. It will amaze you on how low and greedy the Manuel Family is and how they use there so called faith to rip people off. Once people find out what they are really about, they will see what some people have been saying for years about these *** ARTISTS. Mark braggs about being THE CONTAGIOUS GIVER - He needs to The truth is he is a CONTAGIOUS LIAR AND *** MAN


Review about: Internet Scam.

The Momentum Group - Mark Manuel - #1 Scam Artist

Painesville, Ohio 10 comments

Mark Manuel and his entire family has a long track record of ripping of people in the name of Jesus. Most people he has hurt are Christians and not willing to pursue this in court. Thank God Jerry and Deborah Smith have had the courage to stand up to the Manuels and file charges against him and his corrupt family. Read the court documents filed in Tennessee rearding this case. It will amaze you on how low and greedy the Manuel Family is and how they use there so called faith to rip people off. Once people find out what they are really about, they will see what some people have been saying for years about these *** ARTISTS. Mark braggs about being THE CONTAGIOUS GIVER - He needs to The truth is he is a CONTAGIOUS LIAR AND *** MAN




obviously "person" has no clue who these guys are......saddddddd


It's funny how easily lance perry just blammed the manuels and took all the money,he's probably off sippin maragaritas in Florida and most people are only giving the manuels ***


Go thw Wikipedia serch Mike Manuel a lot of info there about the Manuels. Did Bernie Madoff just make a mistake and deserve a second chance?

No he is were he belongs.

Madoff scamed billions and lived in the USA. I and many others want to see the Manuels right next to Madoff.


okay first of all who has ever made a mistake?everyone but everyone seems to act like he doesn't deserve a second chance like he's adolf hitler or satan give him some slack everyone makes mistakes,criticizing him like this won't help anyone,whats done is done now everyone please get over the subject and move on!


No I did not start this trend.I Had an account on Mark Manuel's GIG site It was when Manuel had The momentum group he was the founder Lance Perry the president. The account showed The $250,000.00 I put up, and each month it incresed by 2% untill I tryed to withdraw and got nothing.

Emails to Manuel were not returned Then Perry emailed me telling me to log onto MRT holdings and withdraw $300,000.00 (If you get it we are done) said Lance Perry. I sued Perry in Las Vegas in 2006 and of couse won I am owed $450,000.00 I have warned others about these *** artists and have been thanked many times as I have prevented many from getting ripped off.


you sir are an idiotic ***,but if he really did take and hide all their money then why the *** would they still be living in america?were you the one that made this article?


Mark Manuel scamed ever dollar he has so he lost non of his money. What is (this) the MRT holdings scam?

the air land and sea scam? the bullhorn poker scam (that he run with captain BS Lance Perry) the list goes on and on.

I and others are trying to warn others about Manuel and his scams. God bless America


remember that mark manuel put money into this himself and lost some I know this man if you could see how this affected his family you would stop giving them ***


Please! Mark and his buddy Lance Perry never had money of there own...

They pulled cons.....I have said this before name one ONLY ONE activity he or caption BS lance perry was involved with that made the investors money there is none every thing was a SCAM. Also who is (person) very lame.


if you knew this man truly you would know he is a good caring man,just because something bad happen doesn't give you the right to call his family low and greedy, he never bragged, he isn't a contagious liar nor a *** man stop giving him *** don't call him names,yes people were hurt but aren't you forgetting the fact his family was affected by this also how they lost money,he never meant to scam those people or take their money, don't talk about this man or his family in a bad way it won't make you any better of a person.

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The Momentum Group - Mark Manuel - Why athesits abound????

Painesville, Ohio 0 comments

When a supposed "Christian Man" acts the way he does and scam so many people the way he has, it is no wonder atheism is flourishing. There is no one without sin and wee all need the saving blood of Jesus, but to knowingly rip off people in the name of God is sick.

God's Word does say that "you will reap what you sow - Mark - It is harvest time and I pray to God that you repent of you selfish greed and that you make things right with all the people you have hurt and caused pain. Be obedient and make things right with God and Man

The Momentum Group - Major Lawsuit Against Mark Manuel

Painesville, Ohio 5 comments

If anyone still doubts about Mark Manuel, take some time and read this...

It is long overdue but the people has ripped off will finally have there day in court

Smith et al v. MPIRE Holdings, LLC et al


Jerry Smith and Deborah Smith Defendants: MPIRE Holdings, LLC, Momentum Group, The, Mark Manuel, Greg Manuel, Mike Manuel and James Clements

Case Number: 3:2008cv00549

Filed: May 30, 2008

Court: Tennessee Middle District Court

Office: Nashville - County: Williamson

Presiding Judge: District Judge Aleta A. Trauger

Nature of Suit: Other Statutes - Securities/Commodities/Exchanges

Cause: 15:77 Securities Fraud

Jurisdiction: Federal Question

Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

Amount Demanded: $200,000.00



The jim or james clements that was in partnership with Mark Manuel is not the Jim or James Clements that actually resides in Franklin TN. I am that Jim Clements and I sometimes have prospective clients Google my name and home town and this Law Suit always pops up - I am very sorry for those that have suffered as a result of the unscrupulous dealings of these people - but I do not know these people and as a result have never been in business with them.


I won a law suit against Manuels buddy Lance Perry in Las Vegas for $350,000.00. June 29-2010 it was for a loan I made Perry in 2005 that he never paid a penny on.


Mark and Greg Manuel are both crooks and have been for a long time. LOOK out for them. They will preach and pick pocket you at the same time they are saying Hala Luya... Thives and liars.

Beware. Our Family lost over $350,000 to them and their MRT deal with Jim Clememts a nother theif. They all run together.

Westley Meridith what did you do with the plane that was bought with MRT money?

Heard you sold it for Jim Clements so you could get your money and the *** with the

other investors...

Hope the go to Jail soon that big fat *** needs to bend over.

where is the fbi

what was the verdict and does the fbi and I.R.S. know about Mark Manuel, Lance Perry, and any companies associated with the two??


What is the status of the case and what is the verdict

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The Momentum Group - MPIRE HOLDINGS, Mark Manuel, Greg Manuel

Chantilly, Virginia 4 comments
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Mpire Holdings was a ponzi investment scheme led by Greg and Mark Manuel to swindle millions from good God fearing people. They promised huge financial gains in exchange for investing one's life savings.

Everyone who invested lost everything. If you were an investor in MPIRE or any other of the Manuel's schemes, you should report the crime to the authorities. The Manuel's were also the master-minds behind the MRT FOREX scam that purportedly stole 50 million from unsuspecting investors. These fraudsters must be stopped.

If you have any information about these men, please contact the authorities.

Review about: Mpire And Mrt Holdings.

Monetary Loss: $50.



Jeff Payne,

YOU are a fraud and lier. MY mother died with her $260,000 in Mark,Greg, and James pockets. MY father is now homeless and no money.... I DONT NEED CONVICTIONS. MY PARENTS,DAUGHTER, AND MYSELF ALL HAVE HAD OUR MONEY TAKEN..THE IS THE FACTS AND I AM WILLING TO GO TO COURT AND TESTIFY.




Jeff how can over 600 investors in Mark, Greg,Jim and Zeinas MRT scam be wrong?

Where is our money. My dad is 86 with Parkinsons. EVER DIME he had was in this scam. My mother was 81 and had every dime in it and died pennyless because of them.

I was there. I heard these two ***-artist

for days talk ***.

NOW Jeff who the *** are you and what rock have you been under? They have a wrap sheet a mile long.


The FBI and IRS are suppose to be investigating them. They have been on this case now for over 3 years and I still have not seen anyone arrested here in Florida.

That being Jim Clements and Zeina Smitt, she was the bookkeeper and the Vice Pres.

Jim always told us investers... Zeina manages the funds... Ya she did right to her parents. They got paid a weekly salary to sit at home and their expenses paid, phone, computer, and on and on.

This was a whole family of thives. Manuels, Clements, and Zeina Smitt

:cry :cry :cry


Have you no concern about slandering the good name of these people. Your crime is as bad as the one you accuse them of without a judgment or verdict against them.

In fact, your is worse, as you convict yourself with your words, so no further evidence is needed. Cite the case where they were found guilty of the crimes you allege, or stop this unchristian gossip.

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The Momentum Group - Greg Manuel, Mark Manuel Stole My Money

Chantilly, Virginia 7 comments
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I had the misfortune of investing in a fraud scheme led by Mark and Greg Manuel of Nashville, TN. I was approached by the Manuels in winter 2006 and told that God had given them a fantastic opportunity to make huge financial returns.

I was told that i was gauranteed a monthly return of 4% or more, and could make more money by persuading others in my "sphere of influence" to invest. Needless to say, i nor my friends have seen a dime since we invested. We trusted these guys because they were supposedly men of God. Instead we learned they are lyers and theives.

A friend of ours also invested in an MLM scheme concocted by Mark Manuel. The MLM failed and everyone lost there money but Mark, who made away with hundreds of thousands of fees paid by charter distributors. These guys are professional ***-artist that push get-rich-quick schemes, but they are the only ones that seem to get rich. We have filed a complaint with the Tennessee Attorney General's office in the hopes that they can be stopped.

If you have been victamized, you should likewise contact the Attorney General's office in your state.

Review about: Mrt Holdings.

Monetary Loss: $100.


Strongsville, Ohio, United States #815294

I have known all the Manuals, Mark, Amy, Greg and their Mom and Dad. I lived in their home and helped with their little girl Grace when she was born.

You could say I was a very close family friend and they used this trust in our relationship to manipulate me in to investing 40k in their scam with H.O.P.E. High Opportunity Petroleum Enterprise.

They ran off with all my money. I would love that 40k back and need it sense my husband had a massive stroke and is 100% disabled.


I worked for the Manuels at their church in Franklin Tn. during their process to become soverign citizens and do have quite a bit of interesting info for anyone intrested/involved in lawsuits.

(901)292-3699 . Thank you.

to From memphis #674755

I'm looking into the background of Greg Manuel operating a venture capital group called "Three Genius" in Hong Kong. I invested through a third party so I have not met him personally.

I see from your post that you were assisting him in obtaining US citizenship. What was his citizenship at the time? The name could just be a coincidence but there are certainly a lot of similarities in M.O.



I am so very sorry for your losses. My husband was the COO for a company that we got scammed on from the Manuels (HOPE).

After 4 months he found that they spent 14 million dollars of investors money (many who we thought were friends). He exposed their criminal acts to the stockholder's and tried to "save the company or at least get most of the people back their money. To our disbelief, the stockholder's turned on us! Of course, we were slandered and fired and it was horrible.

We were expecting our first baby and lost everything. We too, believed that these men loved God and wouldn't do anything dishonest. Of course, in less than 4 months those same stockholder's lost all their money.

I don't understand why these men are not in jail. Can anybody answer that?


I got scamed by manuels best buddy *** man Lance Perry AKA caption BS in Las Vegas in 2005 Perry and Mark Manuel ran the bull horn poker scam they netted about 2 million dollars. I sued *** man Perry and won caption BS owes me over $425,000.00.

The only way to stop these scumbags is to sue them and turn them into the attorney General. Perry fled fron NV.

to TN. ran a scam netsalonfx and then fled to WA.





Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #112143

The Manuels were supposed to close on our house in six months--that never happened. They stayed in our new house for two years--tearing it completely up, and at the end it looked like where pigs lived. Also, they didn't pay the rent in the end.

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The Momentum Group - Mark Manuel is a Giver and a Genius

Madison, Tennessee 15 comments
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Mark Manuel is a genius and a giver. He has blessed thousands.

Mark Manuel is the most creative and powerful marketing expert I have ever seen. Mark Manuel has taken dozens of companies from the idea stage to millions of dollars in revenue in 90 days or less. Mark Manuel is a consumate professional and an expert in many areas. It is easy to see why and how Mark Manuel could have individuals that create bogus, ridiculous, and totally *** reports...He is a man that creates distinct and direct results.

You either Love Mark Manuel or you hate Mark Manuel...and if you hate him, it's because you couldn't manipulate him or cause him to betray his ethical and moral beliefs.

Review about: Mark Manuel.



Ask their family !!!!! None of their own family will have anything to do with them

They are complete idiots that have no integrity at all :(

Christians ????? What????? Deceived by satan but they are blind to it !!

You reap what you sow !!!!

I believe they have money hid somewhere and they are waiting for maybe a statue of limitations to run out .......

What a life to live, always looking over your shoulder


Why read when you can see and hear Mark Manuel and his family ( Greg Manuel a good Christain) speak, go to WSMV TV Nashville you can see Mark and Greg as say they are not Mark Manuel and Greg Manuel. Who are they now?

This was done to get out of going to court as they are being sued. Mark even faked a heart attack to get out of going to court. In Las Vegas I sued there buddy *** man Lance Perry in June 2010 and the jury in less than 1/2 hour cameback as of today Perry owes me $425,000.00. Mark Manuel and Lance Perry ran the bull horn poker scam in 2005 Mark Manuel WAS NOT THE MESSENGER he was right there running the *** with Lance Perry.

Sue these scumbags!!! Do not alow them go on scaming the hard working.


Again, because Mark was a consultant in an industry with a very high failure rate people have an unfortunate tendency to "blame the messenger." Most MLM companies fail. Mark was hired by various owners to help them raise capital. That capital came from their own (the owners) networks of friends, relatives, and associates. Mark was fair and accurate in his presentation of the opportunity to have placement within the operational distributor structures of MLM companies. He did not offer such placement as anything remotely resembling an investment, and he was merely a hired spokesperson and consultant to those who actually started and owned the companies in question. Those owners were the ones who actually offered such placements.

It's too bad when an enterprise fails, but big boys and girls understand they were taking a calculated risk and move on without trying to find someone else to blame.

People who did business with these various enterprises were well aware, at the onset, that no income was guaranteed and that their success or failure would be determined by their own work and the overall success of the enterprise.

That's free market capitalism and it's the best economic plan currently on the planet. Do some people exercise poor judgment or experience unforeseen and unfortunate losses? Of course, but it's no one's fault, least of all the messenger's.


Mark is a good man. He lost a million dollars in this scheme himself.

I don't know if you guys have thought about this, but if you stole the assload of money he's accused of stealing, would you still be anywhere near the US? Would he be struggling to pay the rent every month? I don't know about you, but i'd be somewhere in Brazil, outside a 5 million dollar home, sipping on a Pina colada.

I've met the man, and his family, and they are honest Christians.

They simply helped Jim Clements set up the company. They did not have access to the investments.


*** man Lance A. Perry ( AKA Captain BS) Also Ponzi schemes SEC violations MLM scams was working right next to Mark Manuel for years Perry needs to be behind bars as well!!!


I know all to well what really went down with Mark and the Manuel clan. Any one here that thinks Mark is a giver and a genius should pull their head out of their ***.

The scams have gone on so long that you can't even access info from the search engines any longer.

I have first hand knowledge of Mark's devious dealings as well as a paper trail that will put him away forever.

Ponzi schemes, SEC violations, selling unregistered securities, MLM scams, his *** "Charter" system and the list goes on and on. But there is only 1 person that has all the evidence necessary to sink him once and for all.....ME!

He is not going to look very good in horizontal stripes (makes you look even fatter) and he is definately not going to look all that good in lipstick after the boy take him as their girlfriend in prison.

Best of luck to you know who this is, don't you?


I personally had friends and my family that put in 4 MILLION.... YES... and MARK, GREG, JIM CLEMENTS, AND ZEINA WENT TO PANAMA, BAHAMAS TRYING TO HIDE THE MONEY.


THIS ELROD is a fake.... It is Mark writing in his behalf....NO one else would.

600 hundred scammed investors cant be WRONG.

Heard Westley Meridith in N.C. took one of the jets and sold it. He and who ever got the money. We the investors of MRT who paid for the Jet got a bounce of wind and lies. Ask Westley Meridith how he gave the money to.... and how much did he get?


Name one business Manuel was in volved with that was a success! Here is a list of some scams Netsalon, Bullhorn Poker,1.6 million of investers money spit 50/50 with Lance Perry ,Parry Poker, MRT Holdings,50 million gone Perry and Clements worked with Manuel on that one.

I was next to Lance Perry when Manuel was braging about home much money he was getting from investers for MRT Holding Manuel wanted Perry to move to TN. and help with the *** as they were not getting any more investers in Bullhon Poker, Perry fled Vegas in Augest 2006 to be with his mentor. I have copies of deposits into Bullhorn and transfers to Manuels bank in TN. Air Land and Sea what happed there?

Google any of these and see what you find. Rip offs and scams only!!!


No, I know him very well. I stand by my statements as to his character and honesty.

He does not sell unregistered securities.

I have done business with him and have never been lied to or treated unfairly. Stop slandering this man.


Manuel will spend time behind bars. His time is coming soon. Hard working people will be much better off with this fat *** artist being a ***!


Mark is honest, ethical and kind. He is a tough, smart business man.

I have personally met a few Mark haters and when pinned down they are the ones who did not perform.

Mark bends over backwards to help such people and when they fail to do their part he sometimes gets blamed. Stop being a hater!


they even steal from their own family..... how low is that ??i dont know who this "elrod" is ,but he surely must live in a closet !! WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPPP


Look at the current lawsuit against Mark and his family. These people have a long track record of ripping people off in Texas and in Tennessee.Check out their backgound and you will see that they are BAD NEWS

Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand #18698

"Betray his ethical and moral beliefs" what ethical or moral beliefs? Plain and simple, the man steals from others and has never made an honest buck in his life. You obviously dnt know him!

Foristell, Missouri, United States #4395


One thing you may have forgotten - There are parts of what your saying about Mark Manuel that may be true, but that doesn't negate the wrong doing Mark Manuel has done. Just because Mark Manuel makes a lot of money doesn't change the fact that he has ripped off many people along the way and he owes a lot of people money that he hasn't repaid. Let Mark Manuel repay the people he has ripped off first then I will agree with you

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The Momentum Group - Mark Manuel - Ripoff *** Artist

Columbia, Tennessee 0 comments
Not resolved

Beware of Mark Manuel, Greg Manuel, and their so called Christian beliefs. There is proof, and a lot of other people who have been dupped into investing money in, a new church with tithing money (where is the church) and website deals (invest in the new website) investment deals.

They don't care who you are, if you have kids, they will throw you out on the street. Check their record in TX, now in TN, FBI is investigating them too! Beware of Mark Manuel! Brentwood TN.

TMG, Calcutree, HOPE.

Check and search for Mark Manuel, you will see others...

Review about: Rip Off.

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